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The 22nd Annual 2023
Region 5-Texas NAME Conference

Registration for our April 28-29, 2023 Conference is now OPEN!

2023 will mark our first face-to-face community meeting since the 2020 global pandemic rocked our nation.  we are using this time as a space for fellowship and to share our work with our community.  The 2023 Conference will be hosted by Baylor University in Waco, Texas. 

Our theme this year is "21st Century Teaching Realities: Creating Pathways for Safe Learning Environments."  Texas is seeing censorship in the classroom, the dehumanization of our people, and a feeling of disengagement in our political participation.  Our meeting will serve as a galvanizing power to reinvigorate us as we recommit to the fight for multicultural education.

TX NAME's 2023 Conference Co-Chairs, Lakia M. Scott and Sarah M. Straub, are currently planning this face-to-face conference for April 28-29, 2023 to bring together educators, community activists and change agents to help re-charge our dedication to multicultural education.  More details of planning will be forthcoming, including details regarding Awards, the Artist-in-Residence, and our Emerging Scholars program.

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