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Community Initiatives

Texas NAME received the 2022 NAME Presidential Chapter Award.    This award seeks to recognize chapters that have shown exemplary recruitment, retention of members, and whose programs exemplify NAME goals.  Our chapter was recognized specifically because of our work with Emerging Scholars, our Webinar Series, and the Artist-in-Residence Program.

2022 NAME Presidential Chapter Award

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Emerging Scholars

Graduate students interested in mentorship that assists a diverse group of students for academic research and scholarly activities.  This program directly supports writing and publication through our partnership with the Journal of Multicultural Affairs and the Journal for Social Studies and History Education.  This initiative is directed by President Dr. Lakia M. Scott of Baylor University.

Webinar Series

During the pandemic, TXNAME committed to fellowship and community building through our webinar series.  This initiative is directed by Immediate Past President Dr. Osaro Airen.  If you are interested in sharing a presentation through the Texas NAME Webinar Series, please email 


The Artist-in-Residence initiative began in 2018 with Michael Healey, a high school art teacher from Houston, Texas.  The purpose was to showcase art and activism around Texas.  Since then, we have featured Patrick Gabaldon and Hannah Bull, artists that have shared their stories relating to immigration law and environmental intersectionality.  This initiative is directed by President Elect Dr. Sarah M. Straub.  If you are interested in highlighting the contributions of a local artivist, please contact her at 

NAME Journal

Multicultural Perspectives is the official journal of the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME).

Since the summer of 1993 the National Association for Multicultural Education has published a quarterly journal, Multicultural Perspectives.  

The journal is now edited by Kevin Roxas and Alyssa Hadley Dunn, along with members of the Editorial Committee.


To learn more about submitting to Multicultural Perspectives, please click HERE.

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