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This page will highlight conference keynotes.  It will include information from the most recent conference until current year keynotes have been confirmed.  

We are pleased to share their incredible work with our members via this platform.

Ron W. Wilhelm Keynote Address

The Ron W. Wilhelm Executive Keynote address is given during the first day of our conference proceedings.  It is named after TXNAME's Founding President, Dr. Ron W. Wilhelm (pictured below).  Our most recent Ron W. Wilhelm Keynote Address was given by university president Dr. Ronald Rochon.

Ron W Wilhelm.jpeg

Geneva Gay Keynote Address

Named after our first Keynote Address, the Geneva Gay Keynote Address features an invited speaker specializing in the conference theme.  We were honored to bring back Dr. Geneva Gay for the 2023 conference keynote.

Geneva Gay.jpeg

Cherry Ross Gooden Executive Keynote Address

Named after TXNAME founding member, Dr. Cherry Ross Gooden, this keynote address is given as the welcoming message to the Texas NAME Conference.  This past year, our Cherry Ross Gooden Executive Keynote Speaker was Board Member Dr. Diana Linn!

Cherry Ross Gooden.jpeg
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